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Szechuan Cuisine

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- Szechuan Cuisine is targeting to serve the San Francisco Bay Area with all quality food material -

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Szechuan Cuisine

-Welcome to Szechuan Cuisine in San Francisco

Szechuan Cuisine was a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, which makes us the initiators of an exceptional culinary story in the region and beyond. Best and tasty Chinese Szechuan food in San Francisco. All of you will be welcomed to try Szechuan style food in the restaurant or for takeout orders

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Taste the Spicy Szechuan Food


Order Authentic Szechuan food Online and Pick up from Szechuan Cuisine in San Francisco​

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- Some of the most liked dishes are Mapo Tofu, Iron Pot Fish Fillet, Szechuan Dandan Noodle, Stew Eggplant Clay Pot -

Taste of Szechuan Food in
San Francisco

Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-House Special Crab
House Special Crab
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Poached Fish
Poached Fish
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Shredded Bean Jelly
Shredded Bean Jelly
Szechuan Cuisine-Sichuan Cuisine-川味飘香-San Francisco-40
Mapo Toufu
Szechuan Cuisine-Sichuan Cuisine-川味飘香-San Francisco-43
Crispy Chicken
Szechuan Cuisine-Sichuan Cuisine-川味飘香-San Francisco-20
Characteristic Iron Pot
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Iron Pot Fish Fillet
Iron Pot Fish Fillet
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Sauteed Shredded Beef
Sauteed Shredded Beef
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Stew Eggplant Clay Pot
Stew Eggplant Clay Pot
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香-Szechuan Dan Dan Noodle
Szechuan Dan Dan Noodle
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香Braised tofu
Braised tofu
Szechuan Cuisine-San Francisco-川味飄香Mongolian Beef
Mongolian Beef

As one of the ten best Szechuan Restaurants in Bay Area, Szechuan Cuisine was a Chinese restaurant established in San Francisco, which makes it the initiators of an exceptional culinary story in the region and beyond.

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